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STAGES is a counseling practice that recognizes that healing from psychological trauma means moving beyond a medical model where symptoms are the focus of treatment to a more holistic perspective that honors the creativity and tenacity of an individual faced with the task of surviving.

To the STAGES community:

Regarding coronavirus precautions: As you make individual and family plans for the coming weeks, whatever they may bring, we want to address any stress related to our work in therapy together.

First, given the speed with which developments are occurring, we understand that you may be reluctant to attend your session in person. While we would appreciate at least 24-hours’ notice if possible, you are welcome to text, even the day of your appointment, to postpone without a late-cancel fee. Alternatively, you may substitute a Skype or phone session. 

We will certainly contact you should either of us have any health concerns and we ask that you do the same. Please do not attend a session if you have any respiratory symptoms.

Finally, we will be making extra effort to keep surfaces in our offices clean and will make antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer available to you.

May we also encourage you to pay special attention to how you manage your own stress. Titrate your exposure to the news; plan for fresh air and exercise; get enough sleep; maintain contact with the people you care about even if that’s over the phone or internet.

We thank you for working with us to ensure our community stays safe.


S afety, Stability, Sacred Space

T o Connect, Learn & Experience

A ffect & Feeling Management

G rief & Loss

E mpowerment

S piritual Development

We use a stage​-oriented model that addresses how trauma impacts an individual's past, present, and future.

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