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About Us

STAGES offers both individual counseling and group therapy to rework issues in emotional and physical Safety, find what it means To connect and be in relationships, address Affect states (emotions), grapple with Grief and loss, find a sense of Empowerment, and address the impact of trauma on one's sense of Spirituality.

Why A Spiral?

The spiral is a sacred symbol of journey and change. It is a metaphor which captures the movement between symptoms and story, between skill acquisition and grief. In trauma theory, the spiral represents the nonlinear journey of moving in and through the stages of healing.

The spiritual symbol of this journey is the labyrinth. The process of therapy requires addressing the internal world you have spent a lifetime avoiding. You may need to learn to sit in one spot and wait for your body to join the process as you move in and out of symptoms to find your story. This process is sacred and slow and, like a labyrinth, can feel like a maze. The process isn’t manualized—it’s unique to your story, your needs, and your capacity. A key factor of this process is developing a support network—a village or tribe—of people who can support and bear witness to this ritual of healing. 

Stephanie Van Deusen, Ph.D., SEP, LPC

(717) 468-1640


731 North Duke Street

1st Floor Suite

Lancaster, PA 17602

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